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Tobacco Cessation - Affinity Health Group and Vantage Health Plan are currently offering a unique tobacco cessation program to the general public for a great price: Just $99!! (FREE to Vantage Health Plan members). This 15 session program includes: lung capacity assessments, clinical, telephonic or video counseling and FREE Chantix (to qualifying members).

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) - MTM includes a broad range of professional activities to maintain comprehensive patient care. Medical professionals use MTM in order to monitor the patient’s medication plan and ensure the medicine is providing the best treatment or if another medication may be more suitable.

E-Scribe (electronic prescription services) also allows all physicians to send patient prescriptions electronically to any pharmacy. Medications are made available to patients quickly and with less hassle through E-Scribe.

Prescription Counseling - Get clinical pharmaceutical advice from one of our licensed pharmacists. They can even offer generic suggestions for your brand name prescriptions in order to help save you money!

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